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Campaign - R1944


Operation Bulbasket


The Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force had issued an order for the Special Air Service, B Squadron to carry out operation Bulbasket in Poitiers, France.


The focus of the operation was to disrupt German reinforcements from the south of France to the Normandy beachheads. 


To carry out the operation the men were to destroy supply dumps, block the Paris to Bordeaux railway line near Poitiers and attack railway sidings and fuel trains.


During the operation, a French railwayman informed the Special Air Service that a train composed of at least eleven petrol tankers was parked at the rail sidings at Châtellerault. These were the fuel reserves for the advancing 2nd SS Panzer Division. 


To confirm the petrol tankers location, the Special Air Service carried out a reconnaissance of the area. Travelling alone by bicycle, Lieutenant Tomos Stephens made a 74 miles (119 km) round trip and on return confirmed the location of the petrol train. 


As the location was heavily guarded for the Special Air Service squadron to deal with, 12 Royal Air Force bombers attacked the train. The mission was a success.


Unfortunately 34 Special Air Service men were captured and executed by the Germans during  Operation Bulbasket. Let’s remember the daring military operations that took place during 1944 and the ultimate sacrifice by the officers and soldiers of the Special Air Service on Operation Bulbasket whilst we campaign to support veterans and their families suffering with PTSD in 2024.


Are you up for our March 2024 monthly challenge on Campaign R1944? 


Run, Swim, Walk, Cycle or Canoe 74 miles in remembering Lieutenant Tomos Stephens daring reconnaissance mission in making Operation Bulbasket a success.


Adults Registration Fee: £10.50

Children's Registration Fee: FREE

Adults Fundraising Target: £80.00

Children’s Fundraising Target £50.00

Price includes:


Who Dares Cares challenge coin, certificate and t-shirt upon completion!

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