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Who Dares Cares started working with Police Scotland in 2021 after conversations about running workshops and awareness sessions for Police and Blue Light Services.

As Who Dares Cares has always been a support network for Blue Light Services, this was an exciting opportunity to work directly with Police Scotland. 


The sessions are aimed at 2 main focus points: 


1. Recognising PTSD and ways of supporting both veterans and members of the public who the Police may come into contact with and be able to support accordingly. 

2. Support Police and Blue Light Service colleagues who may have encountered trauma through their role and need support, help and assistance. 


The project so far has been very successful as there is also a high rate of veterans who leave the Armed Forces and join Blue Light Services.  We have seen a high rate in complete trauma due to this but veterans are able to apply high levels of skills to the services. 


We, as a charity have attended several sessions and now cover Lanarkshire, Ayrshire and are in talks with Lothian and Dumfries and Galloway in providing support and education.


We attend the Annual Police Scotland forum for Veterans Champions and are guest speakers. We’re currently looking at further expansion with the Fire Services and Paramedics.


Who Dares Cares are proud to have such a significant role in Blue Light Service support.  Should you require any further information on the workshops and awareness sessions the charity can provide, please complete the form below and we'll be in touch.

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The meaning of our motto and charity name is that we dare you to care, to become active in our charity work, to support our activities and to take part and raise funds to help our future activities.

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