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Flying the flag in the mountains
Canoe water challengers


A team of 8 males and 8 females will take on the Great Glen Challenge during July 2023.  A challenging multi-day route which comprises 22 miles of man-made canal and 38 miles of open water on the lochs.  


Join the Great Glen Team today to take on the canoe trip of a lifetime and raise vital funds for our Armed Forces, Emergency Services and Veterans including their Families who are suffering from PTSD.


Distance: 53 miles canal and open water

Ability: Beginner and Intermediate


8 men will canoe the Great Glen 2-8 July 2023

8 woman will canoe the Great Glen 10-16 July 2023


Important Dates

Men’s training weekend 7–9 April 2023

Men’s and Ladies combined training weekend 5-7 May 2023 

Ladies training weekend 16-18 June 2023

Men’s Great Glen Canoe Challenge Expedition 2–8 July 2023

Ladies Great Glen Canoe Challenge Expedition 10-16 July 2023


Training Weekends

The training weekends 7–9 April 2023 and 16-18 June 2023 will be at the Galloway Activity Centre, Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland DG7 3NQ.  Accommodation will be booked and paid for centrally by Who Dares Cares.  Participates are asked to travel to and from the Galloway Activity Centre at own cost. The training weekend 5-7 May 2023 will be in the Lake District.  Further information will be provided on this weekend soon.


The actual expedition in terms of daily distance, the total expedition route is 85km which means you’ll be paddling between 15km & 20km per day.  Where possible you’ll also use improvised sailing techniques in rafted canoes which can increase the speed in which distances are travelled.  You should expect to be on the water for around six to seven hours per day during the expedition.  This will be discussed further during the training weekends.


Registration Fees: £0.00

Fundraising Target: £400.00

Join Team Who Dares Cares today to take on the canoe trip of a lifetime and raise vital funds for our Armed Forces, Emergency Services and Veterans including their Families who are suffering from PTSD. Please complete our Activities Consent Form below and setup your Mens Just Giving Page or Ladies Just Giving Page.

The events are currently fully subscribed at the moment, but you can still register and remain on the reserves list should a place become available.

Activities Consent Form

This form is to be completed for all people participating in activities with Who Dares Cares.  Parents, guardians, or those acting in loco parents for people under 18 years and those persons legally responsible for vulnerable adults over 18 years must complete the form online before any activities take place.



Medical/Dietary Information

Have you, or the person you are completing this form for, ever had or currently have any of the following? (tick as appropriate)

Heart problems or High Blood Pressure?
Recurrent or degenerative back or Joint problems?
Diabetes, Epilepsy, seizures, or convulsions?
Allergies, Asthma, or respiratory problems?
Do you regularly take prescription or non-prescription medications?
Any other conditions, additional needs, or specific dietary requirements?
Any Religious requirements?
Are you comfortable to disclose any mental health issues you experience?
Do you suffer from any other medical conditions not listed above?
Does your employer offer a matched-giving scheme?
Contact Preferences

Acknowledgement of Risk:


There will always be some risk involved in any type of adventurous activity, indeed the benefits of the activity would probably be reduced if these risks were removed.  The type of risk is generally confined to the same sort of risks that a person in normal recreation may experience.


We consider the level of risk to be low and reasonable.  However, participation in any activity or course is always at the participant’s discretion and the person completing this form must decide if they agree with that assessment.  The above declaration does not absolve Who Dares Cares of its “Duty of Care” and other legal responsibilities.

If you are unable to agree to all the terms and conditions below then you should not participate in this event.

 I declare that:


1.  I wish to participate in the Who Dares Cares Great Glen Event.  By taking part I fully understand all the risks involved; that outdoor adventure carries an inherent risk of damage, injury or death and are voluntarily exposing myself to this personal risk and damage to my, or other people’s property.  Who Dares Cares will ensure that each activity and event is organised and implemented with safety in mind and will mitigate or reduce, wherever possible any inherent risk. 


2.  It is a condition of your participation of the activity, or activities, in which you intend to take part that in the event of accident, loss or damage occurring during such activity or activities you will not pursue any claim for damages against any other participant (save in respect of injury or death)’


3.  That all responses to questions relating to health, fitness and suitability have been answered truthfully.


4.  In consideration for being able to take part in this event /activity I agree to make no claim against Who Dares Cares, its Trustees, supporting individuals, companies and agents in respect of any loss or injury suffered by me during the activity; and to indemnify them against their costs and losses arising out of any claim made against them or any of them by anyone to the extent that such costs and losses are attributable directly or indirectly to my participation in the activity.


5.  I understand and accept the risks involved with COVID 19 and the potential of cross contamination.  Who Dares Cares will take every precaution to minimise cross contamination through safe distancing and wearing of face masks and or gloves when possible, due to some activities involving both staff and participants working in proximity.


6.  I have read and understand the above statement and I declare that to the best of my knowledge the above information is correct.


7.  I give consent for any emergency treatment or administration of personal medication in the event of an accident.


8.  I give consent to allow my image/story to be used to promote Who Dares Cares events/activities if applicable.


9.  I confirm that any medication that may be required will be made available by myself during the activity/event.

10.  I agree to fundraise for Who Dares Cares, the minimum fundraising amount I agree to raise is £400.00 through the

Who Dares Dares Just Giving Website.

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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The meaning of our motto and charity name is that we dare you to care, to become active in our charity work, to support our activities and to take part and raise funds to help our future activities.

Want to take on your own charity challenge? Give Who Dares Cares a call now on 07341 872805. We'd love to help you support us.

You can also send us your details via our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

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